This is the story of Punchy, an ordinary mantis shrimp. Punchy used to live in the sea, enjoying his life among the other marine invertebrates. And then the Trump administration decided to allow offshore drilling right in his back yard. Punchy swore an oath to avenge his home, his neighbor Todd, and the Pacific Ocean– and to do it, he would PUNCH EVERY BASTARD. Even if it meant he had to leave the comfort of his detritus hole. Even if he wasn’t strictly speaking, native to the Pacific Ocean. Even if some of the people he wanted to punch were well-protected high-ranking republicans. Punchy vowed to use his punching abilities to punch them all.

And while punching every bastard was his personal quest, even mantis shrimp have to eat. To pay the bills, Punchy donned his very small fedora, rented some office space in a seedy part of town and opened his very own detective agency/freelance puncher-for-hire business. And that is where we find him now.